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Our Mission


Why we do what we do...

At IGI the Gospel of Jesus Christ is central to everything we do. Whether it's a Hope For Tomorrow Pak distribution in an orphanage in Ukraine, or a Leadership Conference in Central America, we are committed to saying that the Gospel is the answer to the greatest need of man. Our goal is to provide biblical literacy and to promote leadership excellence.

We provide biblical literacy through a project that started with Pam Waters' original desire to take some school supplies, uniforms and bibles to street children in Asunción, Paraguay. God has grown that small effort into a movement to bring God's love to boys and girls through a small gift called the Hope For Tomorrow Pak Project. Thousands of children have enrolled in school for the first time, and now own a bible in their language and know how to read it, thanks to your prayers and investment in this project. Pam likes to say that the school supplies, uniform and string pak are just a way to get the greatest "bestseller" ever (God's word) into the hands of these kids she loves so much. Many of those children have opened their hearts to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The results have been life-changing. The stories bring joy to our hearts as we see God's transformational power in the lives of children and their parents.

We promote leadership excellence through our Leadership Conferences. In 2005 Dave Waters was invited to Cuba for the first time to speak at a Leadership Conference for church leaders. Dave knew at that point that God wanted him to do this regularly. Since then, Dave has spoken in 7 different countries. However, Dave has focussed on serving the church leadership of Cuba speaking on that Island at least twice a year.  Dave was born in a Spanish speaking country to missionary parents so Spanish is his first language.  Being able to fluently communicate the Gospel in Spanish is a gift that Dave committed to using even while a pastor of a local congregation in Alexandria, Virginia.

There is no greater mission than the one given to us in the Gospel of Mark, 16:15 where Jesus left us this mission:
“Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone, everywhere."