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Hope For Tomorrow Paks

What is a Hope For Tomorrow Pak?
Your gift of some simple school supplies and a uniform will make it possible for one child to attend school for one year. In so many parts of the world children have to work from the age of six or seven. In many places children can only attend the public schools that are provided by the state if they have the required school supplies and a uniform. So many families who are focused on survival can't afford the supplies or uniform, and instead of leaving the children home alone, they send them to work with older siblings. The average cost to fill a Hope For Tomorrow Pak with school supplies and one uniform will be less than what a family of four will spend on a meal at a restaurant in the United States. Every "Hope For Tomorrow Pak" serves the great purpose of placing God's word in the hands of each child.

IGI volunteers place a New Testament in the language of the target country in each pak.  Each pak is then inspected, sealed, and shipped.
Each pak is personally distributed by Christians from local churches in that part of the world.

Once a child learns to read, the whole world is suddenly open to them. Our vision is that God would use your "Hope For Tomorrow Pak" to reach the next generation with God's hope.

Following, you will find a list of items you will need to include in your pak. In addition to what is listed, we ask that you do one last thing; after you have filled your pak, please take a moment and pray for the child that will receive your pak. While you may never meet them personally, you are making a huge investment in their life.
Hope Pak Shopping List:
      Pencils and Pens
      Glue stick(s) (no liquid glue please)
      Pencil sharpener
      Children's scissors
      Ruler (with centimeters/inches)
      Colored pencils

      Small stapler
      Small tape dispenser
      Small calculator
      Small toy or stuffed animal
      Small 3"x5" notebook
      Single subject notebook, one per pak.

      (IGI provides "school approved" notebooks for each country) No five subject notebooks  please.

Delivery & Uniform:

Please include a gift of $15 to help IGI purchase a uniform and help with distribution costs. If you prefer to give towards the uniform and distribution costs using our electronic giving option, please click the "I'd like to help..." button below.

Ship your Pak to:

      International Gospel Initiative
      3500 Franconia Road
      Alexandria, VA 22310