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Girls and education

Sometimes girls get passed over when resources are scarce.

Making education available to girls in developing countries is part of what the Hope Paks accomplish every day. Girls tend to be seen in many of the countries we serve as "not needing" an education. So, it is often that we find girls that are 13 (like the girl pictured here) who are in 4th grade. Her brother pictured to her left is also in 4th grade. He is 11 years old. Their Mom washes clothes for $1 a day. Their father abandoned the family when they were toddlers. The contents of one pak (supplies and uniform) represent 45 days of income for this family. As you can imagine, buying pencil and paper for one child represents a difficult choice on that income.

Many kids have missed so much school because their parents are forced to choose "which" of their children will attend school. Mothers, (especially those who have been abandoned by their husbands)  often choose their sons to get an education reasoning that the little education they received has not improved their position in life, so they hope that by educating their son, he can help raise the whole family above their present circumstance.

The goal of the Hope Pak project is to help boys and girls to learn to read so they can one day read God's eternal message to them and know His love and forgiveness. Some of the greatest advocates of the Hope Pak project are women like the one pictured here who still cannot read well, but continues to go to night classes so she can learn. She truly represents one of those girls who was passed up when it came to education. She has worked since her childhood to help provide for her family. Today, she helps her church get Hope For Tomorrow Paks to kids in need.